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Promises and Cackles: Watch VP Harris Trying to Dodge Questions on Mexico Border Visit Live on Air

The Biden administration has faced criticism over the surge in the number of illegal migrants crossing into the United States along the country's border with Mexico. According to CNN, more than 178,000 people have so far been detained at the border.

It has been more than two months since US President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris the administration's pointperson on the migrant crisis, however, the official has still not visited the border despite growing pressure from the media for her to do so. During her latest interview, Harris was yet again asked when she will see the migrant crisis in person.

To that Harris replied with what she has been routinely saying to reporters: "I've said I'm going to the border".

It appears that Colombian journalist Ilia Calderon from Univision TV was not satisfied with the answer and asked Harris Again.

Harris, visibly irritated, cackled and then dodged the question.

"And I… I'm not finished. I've said I'm going to the border. And also if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border", she said.

When it comes to dealing with serious and uncomfortable questions Vice President Harris prefers to laugh them off.

Earlier this week, she again started cackling when NBC correspondent Lester Holt pressed her on the issue.

Prior to that Harris, whom President Biden described as the "most qualified person" to deal with the US migrant crisis, promised to visit the border "at some point".

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